Routine Cleaning

Dental Prophylaxis

Having a professional dental cleaning (dental prophylaxis) is a pleasant experience. Everyone should have their teeth cleaned professionally every six months. Patients with Periodontal Disease should have a prophylaxis every three to four months.

Because recent dental research has found that gum disease can contribute to heart attacks and strokes, it is especially important for everyone to make the time to receive this very important dental service. It's done by a Registered Dental Hygienist. During the procedure the hygienist removes soft and hard food deposits by using various dental instruments. A special paste is then used to polish your teeth.

Both the dental hygienist and the dentist do thorough examinations on every patient after each cleaning. This provides the patient double protection against cavities which can do much damage. The examination which is done after the prophylaxis also helps avoid dental problems before they become significant by discovering them early.