Forever White Rewards

We have developed a way to transform your smile and say thank you simultaneously. Our goal is for our patients to have the whitest, brightest smiles in town!

This program rewards patients who visit us twice per year for a routine cleaning and exam. We will offer our patients a 50% discount on your first tooth whitening procedure. Then, as long as you continue to schedule two appointments per year for routine dental exams and cleanings, we will continue to offer you significant savings by giving you whitening gel once per year to re-whiten your teeth at no cost to you.

Joining is Simple

Patients who have already whitened with our office can join the program by keeping two scheduled cleaning appointments per year. Patients will receive two complimentary tubes of whitening gel at their second appointment.

If you have not whitened with our office, but would like to, we will offer professional whitening to you for a 50% savings. Then, as long as you keep two dental cleaning appointments per year we will give you complimentary whitening gel on your second visit.

Whitening gel will not be given to patient if dental cleaning is cancelled within 48 hours of scheduled appointment and is not rescheduled. If patient fails to keep appointment without giving our office at least two working days notice, participation in the program will be terminated. Patient can re-qualify AFTER two cleaning appointments are completed with no cancellations the following year.